Medic Application Template

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Medic Application Template

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:52 pm

[PID] =

[IGN] =

[hours on Arma 3] =

[Hours on this server?] =

[Why do you want to join the [NHS] =

[What makes you stand out to other applicants?] =

[Example of a RolePlay Situation. 30+ words] =

[Scenario 1.] = You Are Called To The Scene Of A Fatality. there is a cop and a rebel both dead and in urgent need of assistance however there are rebels there telling you to leave the officer and revive there friend what do you do?

[Scenario 2.] = You are called to a gunfight which has ended in both parties all dead There is police and rebels both down and no one in sight who do you revive first.


1. As a medic you never abuse the revive power in order to gain money easily

2. You are never allowed to carry a weapon

3. Combat reviving is never allowed, doing so will result in permanent removal from the medics

4. You always revive a cop before a rebel unless your forced at gunpoint not to

5. you are not allowed to ride around with police or rebels or civs your are a neutral faction and your goal is to save lives


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