Future Planned Updates

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Future Planned Updates

Post by Kieran [CO-OWNER] on Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:21 pm

In the Future we plan on adding these features to the server.
- Store Robbery's
- Add Zip Ties
- Edit the map EG move weed processing
- Add Billboards
- Update Kavala square
- Perk system
- Custom UI's
- New prison
- New bank
- More vehicle skins
- Custom police/ medic skins
- Adding more ranks to the cop shop from PCSO, PC, SGT, INSP, SUPT, C/SUPT and CMD
- Adding more ranks to the medic shop from FR, N, D, S and CEO
- Custom VDM script
- Gang bases
- HighWaysAltis (HWA)
- Advanced rebel licence
- More weapons for rebel and cop shops
- Proper anti-hack system
- legal licences bought at licenceing agency instead of the processing
- illegal licences bought at rebel outpost instead of at the processing
- Road check points
- Add meth
- Add rice
- Add sugar
- Add cotton
- Add Agios spawn point
- Add sounds for locking and unlocking cars
- Add sounds for been restrained and unrestrained
- Add a stage for events
- Add a Taxi service
- Add music upon login to server
- Add shop signs
- Add Green, Red and Blue zones
- Add rebel land
- Fix vehicles been deleted when not in garage when server restarts

The changes that have been implemented will have a line through them like this
- Add cop vehicle skins

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Re: Future Planned Updates

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:44 am

Adding Stuff To Future Updates!  

This is stuff which will be completed in the next week

- Add more legal/illegal money making opportunity (Added Lawyers!)

- Add Individual Icons For Fish

- Add Ranks to NHS


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