Zone Rules

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Zone Rules

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Mon May 16, 2016 4:24 am

Here is just to tell you what zones do what.
-Blue Zones E.G (Kavala PD) Are Government Zones and are restricted access, Unless your Police/Medic if your found in this zone without a valid reason you will most likely be detained. Also You can not rob,Kill,Knockout,Steal Ect.

-Pink Zones are Safe zones and anyone found killing,robbing, Will be banned for 72 hours, These zones are to enjoy RP.

- Red zones are KOS For police and civs Like the gang hideout so police may kill people without initiation and vise versa.

-Green zones E.g Kavala Are Single initiation Only! So if your gang member gets robbed you must initiate yourself on the robber or cop. This does not apply to cops if you rob or kill a cop they can shoot you on sight!


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