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Police Rules

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Mon May 16, 2016 4:35 am

Sworn To Serve And Protect!

Do not take out any NATO Gear if you are not NATO you take a high vis uniform a standard police vest or combat if your SPC or above.

Pre Patrol Checks| Always make sure you have the Necessary Equipment before going out on patrol

Items To Take On Patrol.

(Spike Strips x2) = PC Or Higher
(Fuel can x1 )
(Toolkits x5) = Store Them In Your Vehicle
(First Aid Kits x 3) = On you

1. Do not meta-game (See peoples names above head and say it) You must learn it through role play

2. If a civilians/rebels are unarmed and your in pursuit always taser them instead of killing them. If there gun is holstered still taser them, However if they have it equipped and are shooting at you it's your choice.

3. Always have a valid reason for what you do. For example you see that someone has a house so you break down the door and raid it (NO) You must have a valid reason for why your raiding and you must get permission from a SGT or above (Or NATO)

4. NEVER Combat restrain I.E run up to someone and restrain them without tasering them or them surrendering.

5. If a civilian has a weapon you want him to drop always equipped your lethal and tell them to drop it and if they refuse then its punishable by rather prison or death Your Choice.

6. If you are killed and medics are online you must wait the necessary 2 minutes before you re-spawn and you may need to request a medic twice. Failure to wait is FAIL RP.

7.You are the Heart of RP on the server don't let your higher ups and civs down.

8. We have a holding cell in Kavala PD which is for people who are genuine dicks or if you think they deserve a timeout. You escort them into the holding cell and unrestrain once they are inside once there done u may re-restrain them and let them free your choice.

9. As a cop you get the benefit of free gear but never give it to civs unless you are being robbed.

10.Before shooting at a criminals tires to stop them you must chase them for at least two minutes... Failure to do so is attempted RDM.


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