My Cop Application

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My Cop Application

Post by AsikPro on Sat May 21, 2016 3:43 pm

[PID] =76561198258116128

[IGN] =Loranz Khanem

[hours on Arma 3] = 206

[Hours on this server?] =<about 3-4

[Why do you want to join the APC] =So after playing on the server for a while i seen cop's arrestng for no reason, people did not consent to search yet cops still searched them without a valid reason, i think i could be a great cop as i know the law,and have experience being a Officer of the Law.

[What makes you stand out to other applicants?] =I  actually know the law not like most of the cops, also i have previous experience.

[Example of a RolePlay Situation. 30+ words] =Criminal speeding, i turn on my siren start following him in a high speed persuit, he stops after 30min of the chase gets out with a gun, shoots at me and my partner, we hide behind our doors , we call for backup, criminat gets back in his car we continue the high speed chase, we have another unit we pit stop him he has nowhere to go, we tell him to drop the gun out of his car and put his hand out of the window so we can see them, we aproach him with our gun's we put him in handcuffs and go to the police station where he will be facing criminal charges.

Scenario 1.] Someone comes up to you with their gun drawn they are behind you so therefore they have the advantage, they say "put your hands up!" What do you do?] =I follow their instructions and wait until he leaves and tell other units via the radio that i just got robbed, and give a detailed description of the robber.

Scenario 2.] you see someone with an weapon that is against the law running in Kavala Square its holstered so at the moment they cause no threat how do you deal with the situation?] =First i call it out on radio and give a detailed description of the person, Then i approach him with my weapon drawn asking for him to drop the weapon and get on the ground if he does not comply and draws his weapon i either tase him and/or open fire

Basic Rules]

1. Always initate On criminals. E.G "You shout APC Hands up" This is classed as initation Saying "hands up" is not.

2. Always have a valid reason for pulling someone over or stopping them on the street don't do it because your bored.

3. As a police officer you are not allowed to be included in illegal activity you are an officer the heart of RP on the server.

4. Good RP is to be rewarded Rebels and civillians should have a lesser punishment if there RolePlay is Exellent. E.g Less ticket price

5. DO NOT METAGAME! E.g seeing someones tag above there head and using it to find out their name you ask there name and for ID if they refuse you send them to jail.

6.Server Rules go before Cop Rules Always.

7. As a PCSO you have access to lethal's However You Must Still Always Carry A Stun Pistol. Failure To Do So Is A Warning Point.

Do You Understand These Rules?] =Yes


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Re: My Cop Application

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Sat May 21, 2016 10:04 pm

Application Accepted Please wait in out Teamspeak in the waiting for an interview lobby!

- Jay |Owner|- Of Server

Teamspeak =


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