Civillian Jet Rules!

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Civillian Jet Rules!

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Fri May 27, 2016 5:22 pm

1. When you buy a jet it will spawn with ammo so under no circumstances must you fire any doing so will result in a perm ban without appeal.

2. Jet's are for fun but do not crash them intentionally doing so will result in a 96 hour ban And deletion of your jet.

3. Do not Crash into helicopters intentionally or thats a perm ban without appeal.

4. Do not lock onto helicopters Intentionally to scare them this will result in deletion of your jet.

5. If you can't land your jet and think you have to crash please make a compensation request on the forums and we will return the jet to your garage. No evidence needed just what you lost and your PID If we see you have a jet thats destroyed in your garage we will return it to you. Same Applies for helicopters unless they have been scrapped and we will know Because they will be removed from our database.


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