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Post by IVO on Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:40 pm

[PID] =


[hours on Arma 3] = 412

[Hours on this server?] = 0

[Why do you want to join the APC] = I have taken some time away form the role play aspect and i am looking to get back into it, preferably the Air force as that is my strong point. I have good leadership skills and am very sensible if that can come into play,

[What makes you stand out to other applicants?] = I am good at leadership skills, I also take situations seriously as if it was in real life.

[Example of a RolePlay Situation.  30+   words] = A man is speeding and starts to evade police after you have activated your sirens he eventually crashes. The man is then handcuffed, you tell him the reason you are arresting him and what will happen next and also read him his rights. Make sure he understands his rights before going any further. If the man or woman is thought to have drugs or any other illegal substances on them if they do not consent to the search the officer must stand down and give the man a ticket or arrest him.

Scenario 1.] Someone comes up to you with their gun drawn they are behind you so therefore they have the advantage, they say "put your hands up!" What do you do?]   = Obey their commands as that is what anybody would do in a real situation.

Scenario 2.]  you see someone with an weapon that is against the law running in Kavala Square its holstered so at the moment they cause no threat how do you deal with the situation?]  = I ask them calmly to drop the wepon onto the floor (once any civ's have been cleared away from the threat) and proceed to follow the police protocol.


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Re: application

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:45 pm

Application Placed On Hold Since you have been away Roleplaying games for awhile id like you to give me some basic cop rules before i can accept this application.


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