[APS] Rules Altis Private Security

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[APS] Rules Altis Private Security

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Tue Jul 19, 2016 5:00 am

1. You are not the law

2. you can assist the law but if told to stand down then you listen if your helping the law

3. If you switch between Good APS To bad APS you must change uniforms.

4. You do not purchase any weapons from normal gun stores or rebel outposts you buy it from APS HQ ONLY!

5. when initiating you shout APS Hands up no matter what you do.

6. You Respect your gang

7. When assisting the police you can only carry a weapon with ammunation of 5.56mm or lower any higher they can arrest you. if you use higher caliber weapons then you must do hired work or rob people or whatever but you can not assist police


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