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Dedicated server

Post by Kieran [CO-OWNER] on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:05 am

In May I made a post letting people know that we are going to get a dedicated box for the server i stated this

"I will keep you informed on the server and here on the forums about the transferal of the server onto a dedicated machine. (Probably won't happen for a while current ETA 2-6 months)"

Today i am officially announcing that within the next 4 days the server will be migrated onto a proper host meaning a 24/7 up time. Since it is moving onto a dedicated host we will need donations to keep us up we currently have enough funds to keep the server up for 3 months 4 months if we really stretch our server funds. Now if we get enough donations to keep the server up we will also get a proper website set up that has proper designs and isn't lets say Default like it is currently. I'm going to set the monthly donation goal at £30 that is enough for the server plus £5 in case the price goes up.

I will keep you informed within the next few days and will give you a new IP when we have moved. Stay Tuned


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