14.08.2016 The Best changelog.

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14.08.2016 The Best changelog.

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:40 am

- Added A Police Skinned Quadbike For dah CSO's

- A new teamspeak with a nice layout =  eu1.freets3.ovh:31994

- A New Police Training System

- Removed XI'AN VTOL From police and civilian Shops (Blackfish still included)

- Added SCO19 into the police force, formally replacing NATO    Requires  SGT+ To Apply (Exceptions can be made)

- Added British Airways skin for civilian mohawk   (British Airways Members only)

- Server has now been made more realistic pricewise  (Harder to get money however more fun)           (Fishing is the best money making scheme by far)

- Fixed Exploit with DP Missions allowing a easy 30k a time

- Added New Police 4X4 Skin

- Added Skin For SCO19 Members    (Armed Response)

- New Y Menu

- PDW's in gun shops have had there price reduced from 75k to 30k  cos of the new price system

- Store Robbery exploit has been fixed   (no longer get 20-40k per robberys)

- New SUV Skins for civs

- Restrain Sound for cops/civs

- Alarm beep at the end of lockpicking cars to define between repairing and stealing to inform cops

- new tempest covered base skin


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