Police Officer Application

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Police Officer Application

Post by BelowFaded on Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:27 pm

[PID] = 76561198207935200

[IGN] = Blue

[hours on Arma 3] = 627

[Hours on this server?] = 0-1

[Why do you want to join the APC] =I love policing in ARMA 3. There is nothing better than making a hobo's day brighter by giving them a safe environment to have fun in and make money in. Policing in ARMA 3 is about giving players who want to break the law a challenge in doing so and I find that fun.

[What makes you stand out to other applicants?] =I am not like the typical sadistic bad-cop kind of character. I know how frustrating it is to be fined for the slightest of things and not being able to pay, so you end up spending 10 minutes in jail for doing something so little like accidentally drawing your gun out. I like to give players warnings, caution them and if they continue to do so I will detain them. I am not like some other officers on some other servers that just love to see people going to prison.

[Example of a RolePlay Situation.  30+   words] = You are patrolling on foot in Kavala. A masked man pulls up in a black SUV, he gets out with his weapon equipped and he comes up behind you. He shouts "Get down on the floor!". You do so because you are supposed to play as if you character was a real person, a real mind. You comply with him because you don't want to be killed. You lie down on the floor and the masked man tells you to drop your gear. Again, you do as he says and you drop your gear. He picks up your gear and tells you to go. You leave the area. You do not know his name because he did not tell you.

Scenario 1.] Someone comes up to you with their gun drawn they are behind you so therefore they have the advantage, they say "put your hands up!" What do you do?]   = I comply with the person because Altis Life is a roleplaying gamemode, therefore you value your life over anything else.

Scenario 2.]  you see someone with an weapon that is against the law running in Kavala Square its holstered so at the moment they cause no threat how do you deal with the situation?]  = I would approach the person with my weapon lowered. I would ask him to stop and place his hands on his head. If he would comply I would restrain him. I would take him away from the area and seize his illegal firearm.I would give him a verbal warning if he carried his illegal weapon like that he would be fined next time he did it.


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Re: Police Officer Application

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:45 pm

With Great Pleasure Ive Decided To


Your Application To The [A.P.D]

Please Come To Our Teamspeak At =

And Wait In The Application Accepted Room For The APD!

Good luck Happy Roleplaying!

- Jay [FOUNDER] [Internal Affairs]


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Re: Police Officer Application

Post by Kieran [CO-OWNER] on Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:52 am

I confirm that

The A.P.D will happily ACCEPT your application. Please come to our Team Speak for a small interview. TS address -

Kieran CMD of the A.P.D

Kieran [CO-OWNER]

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Re: Police Officer Application

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