The Reason The Server Isnt Up 24/7

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The Reason The Server Isnt Up 24/7

Post by Kieran [CO-OWNER] on Tue May 24, 2016 11:15 pm

As you may know the server isn't up 24/7 this is because it is hosted from Jay's PC and isn't on a dedicated server we are working on trying to get the server and database safely transferred to a dedicated 24/7 server. As well as this the server is only updated by Jay which is slowing down the updates we are doing so we are trying to share the server files over a network so we can both work on the server.

Because of allot of the server downtime i can tell you all that Jay is working on an "advanced store robbery script" but because it's Jay i can't guarantee it will be done within the week. If you don't see the store robbery's within 2 weeks he's probably given up with the script. Either way small updates will continue to happen no matter what.

I will keep you informed on the server and here on the forums about the transferal of the server onto a dedicated machine. (Probably won't happen for a while current ETA 2-6 months)

Thanks, Kieran [CO-OWNER]

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