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Medic Rules

Post by Jay [OWNER] on Mon May 09, 2016 2:45 am

General Rules
All members of the NHS are expected to follow these rules.
- You must never steal items, vehicles or money from anyone, even your own colleagues.
- You must never act as a personal medic for a specific player or faction.
- You must never ask for money or items in exchange for revival or healing, you can however accept tips when offered to you.
- You must never ask for revives in TeamSpeak.
- Consistent reckless driving could result in your driving privileges being taken, or possible disciplinary action.
- Always follow any orders given to you by an NHS staff member.
- You are a neutral party, you cannot choose who not to revive because of previous incidents etc.
- You must always attempt to roleplay with a patient you have revived. Minimal roleplay is not acceptable.
- You must not wear any clothing item which covers your face fully or partially.

Revive Priority
This simply means the order in which you prioritize and revive downed persons whilst on the server. The revive order must go as following; NHS, Police, and then Civilians and Rebels.

NHS members come first because a greater number of mobile medics can revive everyone faster. Police are second as they are able to advise you and arrest rebels if necessary. Civilians and rebels are equal priority, you must use common sense and revive whoever is safest, closest or has been down longest first.

Note: The revive priority is situational only, it does not mean that you prioritise police across the other side of the map to civilians whom are closer.

Combat Reviving
Medics are NOT to revive anybody in the middle of a combat situation should that person be involved in it. A couple of examples of this are bank robberies and checkpoint takeovers, which tend to be Police vs. Rebel. It does not matter how many times people request a revive: you must follow protocol.

We recommend contacting the police for support and waiting for them to give the all clear. If this isn’t possible, then wait 3 minutes after the last gunshot has been fired before moving into a previous combat situation. However, if you have any doubts do not enter the area. It’s not worth risking your NHS career!

Rules regarding all NHS teamspeak channels.
- You must remove gang tags when in any NHS channel.
- You must be in the correct vehicle channel whilst on patrol.
- You must ensure that your teamspeak name is your NHS Medic name whilst on duty.
- You must not enter police channels using NHS tags (this will result in a TS ban).

Do Not Revive (DNR)
DNRs or “Do Not Revive” orders are a last resort for NHS medics. They are only to be used if a player is either declared dead or should not be revived for a valid reason.

You can place a DNR on a downed person by double-clicking on their death marker on the map, choosing ‘Group’ (so all other medics can also view) and typing a message in this format:

DNR - <Time> <Player Name>
eg. DNR - 20:32 Lharmon

Note: Any rebel can tell you not to revive someone. When given this order, you can attempt to negotiate for your patient’s life, but do not risk your own. If unsuccessful, follow their orders and leave the area, placing a DNR on the patient in the standard format.


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